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Improve to Sustain !

InUse supports factories and equipment manufacturers in their quest towards eco-efficiency without compromising  performance levels through the Digital Continuous Improvement Hub (DCI Hub). This IoT application mobilizes connected services to reduce the wasting of time, materials, and natural resources in factories.

The DCI Hub drives continuous improvement into the digital age. Production data from the connected equipment guides operators, technicians and plant managers on the best actions to take for the highest level of performance. 

The DCI Hub has been operating since 2015 and is to date in more than 100 plants. Its deployment is led on a daily basis by a team of 20 professionals invested in projects on behalf of several manufacturers from different sectors: Food & Beverage, equipment manufacturing, and renewable energy. Companies deploying the DCI Hub include: Engie, Pellenc ST, Hellenic Dairies group,and others.

Our values

“Impact now
for a sustainable tomorrow”

We strive to be a part of the industrial revolution of tomorrow and in order to achieve its maximum potential, we are fine-tuning the technology necessary for success. Daily, our team develops advanced connected solutions that have a positive and sustainable impact in factories on all levels. Most of our resolutions today are driven by our belief that sustainability is the best way to guide our business values and to positively impact our society.

We have the utmost confidence in our teams and we value those who take initiatives. We actively encourage each and every one to contribute to a workplace where anyone can speak up, bring new ideas to the table and to overhaul traditional practices. We firmly believe that demonstrating curiosity is the only recipe towards building the collective intelligence needed to deliver optimal solutions for our clients.


solutions matter


in all actions

We do not ever compromise on integrity. As data is an integral part of what we do and as it always tells the truth, we try to integrate this concept in all domains of our organisation, relationships and processes.  It requires that we be completely honest with ourselves and with others and to do the right thing despite pitfalls.

We build advanced technology that will establish the reality of the 4th technological industrial revolution. In order to reach this reality, we pledge to make our technology accessible and pragmatic for all factory stakeholders like operators, technicians, and managers. We offer a holistic user experience that drives collective intelligence and collaboration to solve complex problems in the simplest ways possible.


for one and all

OUR Partners

Discover our team!

Alessandro Zilioli

International Sales

Arthur Cohen

Marketing & Communication

Baptiste Pelletier

International Sales

Clément Hallet

Full Stack Developper

Etienne Droit

President & Co-founder

Fabrice Cadiou

Head of Customer Success

Francois de Bellefon

Customer success

Frédéric Ballot

Architect Lead

Guillaume Thomas


Jim Grunnekemeijer

International Sales

Julien Mawuena

Customer Success

Kevin Tanguy

Customer success Manager

Laurent Couillard

CEO & co-founder

Maxime Menant

IT Architect

Othman Moumni Abdou

Senior Data Engineer

Philippe Curin


Renaud Parent

Full Stack Developer
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