Complete coverage of the entire IoT value chain

Our promise: Providing you with fast, straightforward access to an industrial IoT platform, giving you the freedom to focus on what you do best on the factory floor.

1 - Machines

  • Multiple collection points:  Automation applications / Sensors / HMI, supervision, etc.
  • Hierarchical structuring of equipment in line with the ISA95 standard


2 - Connectivity

  • Compatibility with a huge range of standard industrial communication protocols such as MQTT and OPC-UA
  • Simplified connectivity via IIoT gateways, industrial PCs (based on NodeRed)
  • Encrypted data transfers
  • Configurable frequency for data collection

3 - Hosting

  • High-availability and high-performing Cloud infrastructure
  • Stored in secure datacentres

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4 - Modelling

  • Low-code modelling (over 100 operators dedicated to processing time series) or advanced modelling using embedded Machine Learning modules
  • Models quickly replicable across similar equipment/machinery
  • Embedded content management system: creating multiple types of content and configuring the app via a Web application builder

5 - Users

  • Role-based access management
  • Content translated into each user’s language
  • Accessible on all devices (HMI, smartphone, PC, tablets, etc.)