As IT and industrial systems around the world face increasing threats of security breaches, cybersecurity is a priority we share with all our clients.

In response to this, we work tirelessly to ensure maximum security while reducing the risk of breaches across the value chain thanks to dedicated, built-in ‘by design’ features, breach-mitigating architecture, and frequent security audits.

ANSSI recommendations white paper

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Bolstered security across the data chain

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Acquiring read-only data

A range of options are available to manufacturing companies looking to connect their machinery and equipment. From Ewon industrial IoT gateways to industrial PCs, each type of connectivity architecture is backed by its own specific security structured around two core pillars that drastically reduce the risk of breaches:

  • acquiring read-only data to prevent devices and equipment from being controlled remotely
  • using cryptographic protocols (such as TLS and SSL) and tried and tested protocols (like MQTT and OPC-UA) to ensure secure data is transferred to a Cloud-based infrastructure

Close user access management

Users are key targets for security breaches. We’ve put in place a range of features that allow us to tightly configure access security levels:

  • Option of adding a captcha

  • Option of delegating authentication to a third-party service such as ADFS or SAML

  • Configurability of password complexity: Minimum length, special character inclusion

  • Configurability of password expiration

  • Configurability of session times

A user permissions system by role allows user access to be limited to pre-set data and features.

Finally, all user activity carried out in the app is traced and logged for an unlimited time, allowing any malicious acts to be analyzed further down the line.

Certified Cloud partners

The data we process is stored on the Cloud in infrastructure that ensures the very highest level of security. Our partners, such as OVH, whose server security has been certified:

  • ISO 27001
  • SOC 1
  • SOC 2

In addition to this, a firewall monitors all incoming and outgoing connections with razor-sharp precision.

Tried-and-tested secure access to the app

The InUse platform is accessible using any browser and is available via the encrypted access HTTPS protocol. The authorised cipher suites are restricted to those recommended by the ANSSI, the French National Agency for the Security of Information Systems.

Our platform also complies with OWASP guidelines setting out the rules and methods to be used in securing web apps.

What’s more, our platform is regularly subjected to breach tests conducted by ANSSI-certified third parties in order to identify and correct any potential weak spots.