Fabrice Cadiou - Head of Customer Success

The digital twin is a game changer in Machine Relationship Management

The digital twin is often reduced to the virtual twin. Whereas today, the entire production apparatus is operated in real time in continuity with the virtual model. By connecting their equipment, manufacturers can now represent the operation of the processes in the chain and control their continuous improvement.

The digital model of the machine is augmented thanks to artificial intelligence. Automatic learning, the analysis of historical and real data, helps production actors to make better decisions beyond human capacities. Man manages his machine better.

The digitalization of processes thanks to the digital twin

In many industries, data analysis is limited in time, production or regardless of design. While the digital twin integrates a digitalization of processes, based on the comparative model ina real environment over time, historicity.

The digital twin has broken down the line between virtual and real. Today, entire factories are modelled, operators are trained and tests are carried out withoutaffecting the operation of processes. Costs are reduced, maintenance is part of the design and productivity is optimized from the start of production, live or over time, with a positive impact on skills.

Digital allows a real continuity, which means that we are no longer talking about machines or lines, but about a process of connected machines.

Digital continuity that facilitates the daily life of factories

Digital continuity in reality is today the challenge facing industrial organisations. In the history, the models were first created, the production processes simulated, and then the lifecycle managed with third-party software. But there was this divide between digital and production conditions.

The Internet of Things is driving this revolution in data capture on machines and strengthening Product Life Management. It is still necessary that the data are "actionable", from a good analysis.

ALFI Technologies extends its digital twin into the use of equipment in real conditions with the help of InUse. Continuity facilitates the implementation of lines, makes it possible to simulate critical processes, to verify product flows, to validate production capacities, to identify bottlenecks... and thus reduce costs and launch times.

ALFI Technologies optimizes its production, strengthens the skills of the staff and anticipates the future.

Analyze data in production with an IIoT platform

The choice of the IIoT platform is therefore crucial. It must be both technologically developed but simple, quickly deployable and customizable. The integrated structure leverages design, control, and historical data to help your teams make decisions.

A single platform, accessible in SaaS mode from any web browser and adapted to the organization, establishes bridges with the operations and the After-Sales Service.

The connection of the machines opens up new services, easily replicable to other production sites:

  • digitized preventive maintenance plans
  • automated production reports
  • optimization of operations: reduction of cycle times, waiting times between cycles, prediction of product quality
  • contextualized help for operators (tutorials, technical documentation,...)

Extending the digital twin into reality, from performance to service

Aided by digital continuity, OEM equipment manufacturers offer optimal and accelerated support to their customers.

By selling their machines with connected services, they provide guaranteed performance for:

  • Improve product quality
  • Strengthen equipment safety
  • Reducing the environmental impact of production


The combination of historical data, human expertise, machine learning and simulation improves prediction results and thus predictive maintenance. Equipment manufacturers no longer provide just one machine, but a guaranteed service.

Developing a global vision, from the model to the analysis of the data, the service providers involved from the design stage in the digital event are able to provide support for the integration of an IIoT platform.

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