An integrated low-code environment to design and roll out your digital services


From connecting your equipment to modelling and creating related content while configuring the Web App and managing users, the Studio encompasses all the key steps involved in designing and deploying connected shop floor services yourself.


Requiring zero coding skills to get started, the Studio drastically simplifies digitalisation and industrial knowledge-sharing within your company, allowing automation engineers, software engineers, and industry experts to pool their expertise.

The Studio also makes it easy to scale your connected services, enabling you to successfully roll them out across other equipment and production sites.

Manage your assets and collate your
production data with total ease


Input and organise your machinery and user assets in the Studio’s “Organize” module

Set machinery and equipment categories for maximum scalability.

Shop floor team access to digital documents and paperwork linked to each type of machinery/equipment.

Hierarchical organising of equipment in line with the ISA95 standard:

  • Manufacturer
  • Site
  • Line
  • Machine


Simplified user management:

  • Integrated invite management module: subscription, log-in and password setting, and more.
  • Divide users into groups based on profile
  • Set access security rules


A tailored, personalised user experience in which each user or group of users is linked to a hierarchical level with access to pre-defined services


Set your various collection points, optimise volumes for the data acquired, and keep it under lock upon receiving it.

Accelerated connection to equipment/machinery based on widely-used market norms:

  • Operating independently from any IoT gateways or PLCs already installed
  • Standard configuration used such as NodeRed
  • Multiple communication protocols covered: MQTT, OPC-UA, LPWAN (Sigfox)

Connection with repository data sourced from your information systems’ software via dedicated APIs or connectors:

  • ERP
  • MES
  • GMAO


Optimised data management thanks to a dedicated connectivity monitoring space that includes:

  • Real-time snapshots of storage space used
  • Automated recommendations for optimising space
  • Connectivity status reports and notifications in the event of disconnection

Design your own connected services with zero coding skills required


Convert your data into smart models you can use to develop future connected services, whether or not you know anything at all about coding;

Develop simple or advanced models underpinned by industry expertise:

  • Low-code modelling for non-developers
  • Converting your raw data thanks to a library of over 100 operators specialising in time series processing (data cleansing, data smoothing, statistics operators, pattern detection, linear regressions, triggers, and more).
  • Model transparency: operators used, calculation steps, graphic representation of the model, etc.


Develop advanced models based on machine-learning, for data science engineers:

  • Access to a range of different open-source libraries (such as pandas, sklearn, scipy and seaborn)
  • Incorporate existing routines
  • Activate models in the platform


Different types of data models covered:

  • Time series
  • Transactional
  • Repositories


Save time navigating and understanding how your machines behave thanks to dedicated features designed to make it easier to analyse time series:

  • Multiple different visualisations of your data : time series, histograms, diagrams, scatter plots, and more


  • Integrated event search engine


  • Advanced analysis of data series via Python notebooks

Convert your models into content delivered via a fully-configurable web-based app


Make your models actionable on the shop floor by pairing them with different types of content that improve the decision-making process, maximise adoption, and optimise interaction:

  • Multiple different types of content possible depending on usage and target users: synoptic views, snapshots of time series, dashboards, reports, smart notifications, post templates planning, interactive map


  • Dynamic real-time data that can be integrated into all content


  • Content and data adapted to each user’s language, accessible in seven languages: French, English, Spanish, German, Italian, Romanian, and Japanese


Treat your users to an innovative digital experience by delivering your connected services in a single, 100% customisable web app with zero web development skills required:

  • White label app provided unbranded for you to personalise with your name and branding


  • Integrated web app builder module: wide range of pre-configured pages, select content linked to each page, page accessibility defined by user role and services subscribed


  • Web app accessible on all devices with a browser: HMI, smartphone, PC, tablets, etc.