A web app especially for production teams to turn data into actions


The Web App is the operational muscle of the platform, throwing out the ‘shop floor app’ rulebook by offering an entirely new and unparalleled user experience.

Coaxing out data from your machines, offering up insights and strengthening team bonds, the Web App provides a number of drivers that production teams (operators, technicians, managers) can draw on to take the very best decisions in their everyday work.

Better yet, the app’s recommendations are paired with task lists and relevant processes to accelerate turning action points into action that complies with production sites’ eco-efficiency needs.


What if machines could talk?

Smart machines to boost production

The Web App offers a fresh take on human/machine collaboration by giving your equipment and machinery the opportunity to help production teams to:

  • Maximise machine availability by predicting/forecasting breakdowns
  • Optimise natural resource and raw material consumption through real-time recommendations
  • Cut back on the time spent on developing production performance indicators thanks to automatically generated production dashboards and reports

A digitalized machine knowledge database

Over and above the recommendations provided by the machines and equipment themselves, the Web App also collates all the information that production teams need to know to operate as smoothly as possible:

  • Machine paperwork and documents
  • Detailed maintenance procedures
  • A 3D Viewer with which to view equipment

A diverse range of rich content adapted to different production timescales

Assess production incidents and performance in a flash

The Web App offers up several different methods for visualizing data, with the synoptic views being a fun and efficient way of quickly assessing production performance and incidents:

  • Multiple indicators: performance, maintenance, incidents, and beyond.
  • A visual overview underpinned by 3D models and blueprints
  • Different sub-level views available: machine subsets, equipment, production line, and production site

Heightened capacity for diagnosis and analysis

The time series accessible via the Web App are an excellent tool for maintenance technicians and after-sales staff looking to analyse machine behavior and understand production incidents in depth:


  • Visualisation of different data sources: machine status, machine data, process data, and more.
  • Stickers that allow users to comment on data
  • Information bubbles providing data values for any given moment in time
  • Unlimited history logs and archives

Anticipate deviations and track continuous improvement policy progress

For continuous improvement processes to be successful, they must be backed by an ability to measure improvement over time. The same goes for spotting creeping, invisible deviations in the tools used for monitoring. Dashboards offer users the all-essential ability to analyse data over the longer term:

  • Several ready-to-go dashboards: performance, quality, errors (Pareto), maintenance, consumption levels, and more
  • Wide range of visualisation options taken from libraries (Kibana, Vega, etc.)
  • Time-linked filter available with which to analyse data over a chosen period of time

Increased internal and external collaboration


To ensure operations are executed as smoothly as possible, the Web App brings users a collection of features aimed at heightening collaboration within teams working in the same factory (production, maintenance, quality, etc.). These features also bolster working relationships with machinery manufacturers (after-sales teams, technicians) and their customers.

An embedded ticketing system

Sharing information between teams and cutting back on the time needed to resolve incidents calls for a tried-and-tested process that the Web App has digitalized and perfected:

  • Pre-configured documents : Incident flagging, project authorization, intervention report...
  • Intervention reports approval via electronic signatures
  • Configuration for progress and incident criticality status alerts
  • Feature for assigning tasks to users or groups of users
  • Built-in planning tool


Multi-faceted communication capacity

Understanding everyday production events and assessing them within their context requires both machines and humans to be and feel connected, which is why the Web App offers a range of options to foster communication between teams:

  • Remote video support
  • Flagging events via posts
  • Comments
  • User-tagging
  • Notifications

Simplified operation tracking

The activity analysis features available in the Web App allow you to track the status of maintenance operations, interventions, and incident tickets currently open across multiple different production lines or sites.