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Founded in 2015, InUse offers an Industrial IoT SaaS application that combines the knowledge of manufacturing experts with data from machines to improve the performance of production sites.

Designed to deliver connected services, the application addresses three major challenges faced by manufacturers in a single environment: achieving operational excellence, shifting to connected maintenance and optimizing production processes. It allows, for example, real-time monitoring of the performance of production lines, prediction of future machine failures or optimizing the efficiency of cleaning in place (CIP) in the food industry.

By digitizing the expertise of manufacturers, InUse makes machines able to understand their operating status and thus guide operators and technicians towards the best action to take according to the production context. All production actors are thus augmented by a collective intelligence directly embedded into the machines.

Based in Paris, InUse is part of the Alliance for the Industry of the Future as well as the French Fab. InUse customers includes several manufacturers, notably from the food and beverages sector, industrial equipments and renewable energies, such as: Shem (Engie), Sidel, Pellenc ST, Hellenic Dairies, …

Our values


We provide a transparent application to users so that they remain in control of the intelligence created with their own data.


We allow everyone to have easy access to data algorithms so that knowledge of code is not a prerequisite to create them

Workforce centric

We empower workers in factories with a collective intelligence that allows them to continuously improve their skills and be more efficient

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Alain Marx

Full Stack Developer

Arthur Cohen

Marketing & Communication

Baptiste Pelletier

International Sales

Etienne Droit

President & Co-founder

Francois de Bellefon

Customer success

Frédéric Ballot

IT Architect

Guillaume Thomas


Laurent Couillard

CEO & co-founder

Léa Relkin

Chief Operations Officer

Maxime Harmant

Customer Success

Philippe Curin


Renaud Parent

Full Stack Developer

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