Bring your concrete production plant into the digital age

Digital Concrete: a connected application customized for concrete production plants

Digital Concrete, an application designed by Alfi Technologies and InUse that helps concrete production sites significantly improve performance. Alfi Technologies is the expert in building materials production solutions 

Track and analyze the production performance of connected equipment while ensuring the traceability of maintenance operations through the many connected services offered by Digital Concrete:

  • Equipment performance indicators
  • Visualization of historical data and production reports
  • Dashboards
  • Calendar maintenance alerts
  • Detailed instruction sheets
  • Traceability of operations

Visualize and analyze precisely your concrete production 

Enjoy a complete and real-time view of current and past production to ensure more efficient management of your production:

  • Instant view of production
  • End of production reports detailed by key milestones: plant, press, palletization and more
  • Analysis of performance indicators

Increase the availability and reliability of your equipment

Digital Concrete optimizes the frequency of maintenance operations by notifying the teams according to the actual use of equipment in order to avoid future failure. The application also promotes the thorough execution of these operations through detailed instruction sheets and digital access to documents.

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