Let’s get the machines and factories connected

Connecting machines is a central point in any industrial Internet of Things (IoT) project, InUse helps to define the most adapted connectivity strategy for your needs.


We can demonstrate expertise in connecting and collecting data from different types of machines. This step is facilitated by the technological partnerships we build to bolster the connectivity of our customers machines. InUse is also member of the OPC foundation.


Our Partners

DEFINING A business driven
MACHINE data acquisition strategy

We guide our customers to define the appropriate data acquisition strategy based on their service objectives. Only the exact data is analysed to deliver the highest performance level.

  • Data inventory
  • Selection of tags
  • Data sampling trade-off (volume/performance ratio optimization)
  • Encryption
  • Secure data transfer to cloud

A progressive methodology : froM data cleansing to COMPLEX data integration

Since machines have a high level of data quality diversity, we facilitate data cleansing which is essential to ensure quality and consistency across machines.

Besides, as project scope evolves, we offer the agility to add data for gradual analysis with the objective to scale large when necessary.


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