Help your teams improve their collaboration and reduce incident resolution time

As the IoT and AI continue to make equipment more intelligent, the promotion of feedback from the shop floor and interaction between teams remain crucial to the contextualisation of production operations and the reduction of resolution time.

The InUse platform was designed to unite production teams and machines, offering numerous features to promote feedback from the shop floor, more efficient management of production incidents, and provide valuable assistance for shop floor teams.

Fully digitalised incident management for greater efficiency

Whether they are received via email, SMS, phone, or never recorded, feedback from the shop floor remains difficult to manage on a daily basis. The InUse platform allows after-sales and maintenance teams to digitalise all incident management processes and improve their efficiency.

Feedback from the shop floor made simple


  • Simplified, digitalised incident reports, with predefined templates and the possibility of adding comments, photos and videos to the diagnosis.
  • Upload data and status information from unconnected equipment using data entered manually.
  • Multiple opportunities for user interaction: posts, discussion threads, and use of stickers to add real-time comments on events directly to snapshots of time series.

Easier management of intervention operations


  • Centralisation of all reported incidents and outstanding tickets: a dedicated cockpit offers the possibility of filtering by client/site, type of machine, level of criticality, etc.
  • Scheduling support and improved prioritisation of operations: a scheduling module identifies all the planned operations by technician and site
  • Integrated task assignment module: notifications, assignment mandates, associated procedures, etc.

Direct access to specialist expertise from the shop floor


  • Access to analysis and intervention reports from other technicians and experts allows for improved preparation prior to interventions.
  • The integrated video conferencing platform allows technicians to receive remote assistance from experts: sharing of video streams, live instructions, documents, etc.
  • A log of all interactions, exchanges and intervention documents is kept in a health record for the equipment.


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