InUse for the dairy industry: towards connected factories

Although the dairy industry benefits from a regular growth in the last years, dairy producers face complex challenges as customers expectations evolves and operational performance must be improved to meet these challenges.

A first answer is to be found in the reduction of resources used, such as water during dairy products processing, or chemical products during machines cleaning, in order to reduce costs and be more sustainable.

But also improvements of existing processing units are needed to meet a growing and multiple demand distinguished by new products expectations and consumption behaviours which impacts factories performance with more frequent changeovers.

In this context, reducing production downtimes, avoiding machines failures is key for dairy producers in order to be more competitive and meet these challenges.


Our portfolio of connected services for dairy factories

We help dairy producers to improve the industrial performance of their process
and packaging lines thanks to a dedicated portfolio of connected services bringing
concrete solutions to shop floor issues.


Cleaning in place optimization

To reduce CIP duration and water consumption


Raw material losses reduction

To process more milk into dairy products

Predictive maintenance on valves

To improve OEE and optimize spare parts purchase

Hellenic Dairies chooses InUse connected factories
to improve production sites’ performance


In order to meet its production targets and improve the efficiency of its production, Hellenic Dairies Group partnered with InUse to digitalize all its production sites via the implementation of connected services in its factories. They will help the Group to increase the yeld of its production sites by:

  • maximizing production uptime thanks to optimized CIP processes
  • processing more milk thanks to reduced raw material losses during the production

Besides, Hellenic Dairies Group benefits now from a complete connected traceability system, to trace all the production process and its compliance, from milk reception until finalized products, based on a lot number.

About Hellenic Dairies

Hellenic Dairies is a Greek market leader in the dairy industry, owning multiple brands including its most known Olympus, 5 production plants in Greece and the Balkans and operating in 42 countries. Its wide product portfolio includes Feta Cheese and Soft White Cheese, Greek Yogurt, Spreadable Cheese.

Thanks to InUse, we see, understand and act faster. We are on track to increase significantly the yield of our production sites in the coming months. For instance, the optimization of our CIP processes helps to maximize the uptime of our machines and reduce also our water consumption by 20%

Ioannis Balodimos

Production & Logistics, Hellenic Dairies