InUse MRM : the IIoT solution dedicated to equipment manufacturers


Equipment manufacturers face a number of challenges, from improving equipment performance, offering new innovative services and standing out from the competition to generating new sales and nurturing strong ties with their clients well beyond the warranty period.

InUse’s MRM (Machine Relationship Management) industrial IoT software helps you take on these challenges by putting your machines at the heart of your client experience while improving your clients’ performance through a range of connected services.

Putting your machines at the heart of your client relationships

Powered by data sourced from your clients’ machines, InUse MRM delivers a new series of digital services in a flash via a dedicated web app that fosters close working relationships between your after-sales teams and your customers’ production sites.

How the InUse MRM IIoT platform makes life easier for equipment manufacturers

Integrated, turnkey solution

Incorporating all the technologies you need for IoT projects and ultra-fast roll-out: connectivity, cyber security, cloud capabilities, algorithms, a web app, and more.

Accessible to all, easy to configure yourself

No coding skills are needed to model the services and manage the app, making it easy to incorporate across departments while cutting back on the need for external skill sets.

Ready to launch in record time

An operational, functional solution that’s ready to go in six to eight weeks, with launch times of just a few months.

An application that looks like you

Delivered in white label, offer your customers an application that resembles you: both for content (autonomous customization) and look and feel (logo, naming, brand colors, etc.)

Designed to help your customers, wherever they are

Available in many languages, make your customers' daily lives easier with content shared directly in the user's language.

Expand your selection of services for your clients

InUse MRM is accessible in SaaS mode and offers a built-in, secure environment in which to design, develop and deploy a broad range of customised digital services tailored to your clients’ needs.

Smart Performance

Enjoy a consolidated overview of how all your connected equipment is performing, and easily identify client equipment experiencing long-term performance drops and issues.

The various views available in the app help your after-sales teams assess each situation at a given level (production line, machine, subset) and proactively coach your clients.

Better still, your connected equipment issues automated performance reports and defect analysis, saving all teams invaluable time.


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Digital Collaboration

InUse MRM comes with a range of features designed to foster collaboration between equipment manufacturers and their customers, and between different teams: comments, task planning and assignment, remote video assistance, user groups, and more.

What’s more, the solution allows incident management processes to be fully digitalized, thereby improving information-sharing and ensuring production incidents are resolved swiftly: incident reports, assignments, intervention reports, client approval, syncing with ERP systems or catalogues of spare parts, etc.


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Smart Maintenance

Cutting back on machine shutdowns is key to improving performance in operational, equipment. By modelling their equipment’s high-risk behaviors in InUse MRM, equipment manufacturers can boost their clients’ capacity to handle maintenance operations to the best of their abilities across various levels:

  • Maintaining equipment in optimized operational condition via preventive maintenance based on production cycles
  • Drastically shorter restart times following breakdowns thanks to automated, real-time diagnostics for affected equipment (corrective maintenance)
  • Heightened machine availability thanks to slow-burning deviation detections and breakdown predictions

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Custom-built services for the future

Because all equipment is different, specific advanced services may be needed to treat your clients to the very best experience. That’s why the InUse MRM’s built-in Studio includes full scope to create targeted services specific to your equipment, completely independently or with the help of our Customer Success teams.


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Ahead of the game thanks to InUse MRM


InUse MRM is the first step that many manufacturers take in transitioning towards an Equipment as a Service (EaaS) approach. By connecting their equipment, our clients are able to precisely measure how it’s used, bringing new services to market via a dedicated app in a matter of months, and guaranteeing a certain level of performance for the equipment in question: staying ahead of the game, and standing out from the competition.

Avoiding unexpected machines stops :
the Pellenc ST case

Find out how deploying the InUse MRM solution allowed French waste-sorting experts and equipment manufacturer Pellenc ST to improve its sorting centre clients’ performance, and bolster its commitment to upholding a circular economy policy.

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