Best guarantee for maintenance optimization strategy & critical breakdown prediction

Playing a major role in the industry, motors are omnipresent while being costly in maintenance and electrical consumption. Any production shutdown due to a critical motor failure in the production line turns out to be extremely costly.

Keeping an eye on motors through predictive maintenance helps to anticipate and avoid breakdowns, optimize maintenance with intervention on time (neither too early nor too late), and ensure appropriate power consumption.

The new IU PREDICT for motors application, based on motor vibration analysis, collects data directly from the equipment and offers a turnkey interface to easily view the results : motor performance, user alert, and associated diagnostic before failure.

IU PREDICT is a packaged application, complementary to the studio and quickly implemented.

1st level of service: Performance and Failure prediction

Identify in early stages abnormal motor's behavior and inform users about time before critical failure on monitored motors


Ensure continuous motor monitoring


  • Any failure of the motor is detected in the application with vibration analyses according to ISO 10816 standard. The user is thus alerted in real time of an event on his motor to act on
  • The interface allows to understand more precisely the importance of the failure by accessing several indicators such as the Operating Score of the engine or the RUL (Remaining Useful Life) estimating the time remaining before the failure becomes critical
  • Maintenance or After-sales provider's team are able to optimize maintenance operations and prioritize intervention based on critical failures
  • Remaining faithful to our core business, the motor is also analyzed based on historical data, allowing the detection of slow deviations of the motor


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2nd level of service: Advanced Diagnosis

Identify and qualify the root cause of a failure based on the motor's vibration signature and a Machine Learning algorithm to predict the type of failure

Knowing the type of motor failure in advance

Knowing that a motor has a failure is good, knowing its origin is better! And this is what the Advanced Diagnostic level offers.

  • Based on frequency analysis, motor information is transformed into accessible and detailed information for precise intervention
  • The application not only predicts failure but also describes the type of failure the motor is facing through vibration signature analysis and a machine learning algorithm
  • Misalignment, unbalanced, bearing failure and many other failures are detected in advance giving the user all the necessary information to avoid a production shutdown