Energy performance measurement application integrated into the machine


The figures speak for themselves: the industry is an important sector in countries' energy consumption. Gas and electricity are the main sources of energy used.

Reducing energy consumption has become a major challenge for industrialists, driven by ever-increasing energy costs and the objective of reducing energy consumption by 40% by 2050 (provided for in the energy efficiency plan).

Industrialists need to combine energy performance, profitability, and competitiveness. Therefore, how can we help them meet this challenge?

The new IU SUSTAIN application is an application developed to analyze and control the energy consumption of production machines while meeting production objectives.

IU SUSTAIN is a packaged application, complementary to the studio and deployable quickly, to allow you to measure the energy performance of your machines.

Complies with the requirements of EEC IND 134.

Combining energy production and performance with IU SUSTAIN

Measure energy consumption, correlate with production and make informed decisions to reduce costs


IU SUSTAIN: the energy performance tracking application connected to your machine or production line

  • Inform users on the distribution of energy used according to machine states and type of production
  • Identify a Reference Energy Situation (in accordance with ISO 50001) and monitor consumption trends periodically
  • Monitor the Energy Performance Indicators (EnPI) based on one/more influencing factors 
  • Assessing the impact of energy performance improvement actions
  • Receive over threshold alerts and periodic consumption reports to ensure continuous improvement

Interest for users of IU SUSTAIN application

  • Manage energy and industrial performance in the same interface
  • Adapt equipment production and usage to align with cost-reduction opportunities
  • Mastering the energy performance of the machines/line associated with the production
Graphique de la consommation d'électricité

Beyond a simple energy consumption tracker

Analyze the power grid

  • Checks the network quality of equipments and/or lines as well as the electrical efficiency (subscribed vs. supplied)

Combining equipment production and energy performance

  • Conditional analysis of the breakdown of costs by machine status
  • Monitoring of performance indicators compared to the Reference Energy Situation (RES) over different periods

Enhance the energy efficiency

  • Evaluate the evolution of its performance improvement actions over time, use pre-defined EnPIs or create its own with the Studio

How to finance its energy measurement and management system?

InUse has investigated and detected several areas for improvement and has focused on the subject of the standardized IND 134, the energy saving certificate (EEC) scheme.

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