11 July 2018

Data Engineer IoT

To continue our development and accelerate our growth, we are looking for a Data Engineer IOT.


Within the R & D team you will be in charge of integrating customer data. These are of different types (users, machines, time series from sensors or PLC) and from different sources (ERP, Manufacturing Execution System, SCADA, IoT). More precisely, you will have for mission to:

  • Design with the customer teams (Engineering or IT) the solution to synchronize the data.
  • Implement this synchronization using the existing connectors (HTTP APIs, MQTT, SQL etc).
  • Specify & implement missing connectors.
  • Constantly improve monitoring tools to ensure the freshness and integrity of the data.
  • Manage partnerships with IoT gateway providers (often involved in IoT projects to send data from sensors & PLCs to the cloud).
  • Monitor the IoT solutions of the market (hardware & software).


Attached to the R&D team, you will work in close collaboration with the CTO and the infrastructure manager for the technical side but also with the COO for client projects. We work in pair programming and core developments (not related to a single client) are subject to a code review on Github. You will work on the following stack:

  • Airflow / Python / Celery for ETL
  • Postgresql & ElasticSearch
  • Docker
  • Unix

Expected profile

  • Master in computer science (BAC +5)
  • 5+ years of experience in data integration.
  • Having already been faced with different clients & issues.

Skills required

  • Very good expertise of SQL.
  • Good experience of several RDBMS among Postgres, MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle …
  • Experience with a NoSQL database.
  • Good mastery of Python.
  • Important autonomy.
  • Interest in IoT.

Human qualities

  • Curious about manufacturing & its challenges
  • Concerned about the quality of the data handled.
  • Autonomous, organized, rigorous, proactive, enthusiastic
  • Good communication, listening skills, ease in gathering customer needs and their transcription
  • Fast learner
  • Appetite for a startup business culture and organization


  • CDI contract
  • Job based in Paris
  • International trips are expected.
  • Compensation: according to experience
  • Contact:

About InUse

Founded in 2015, InUse is a digital start-up that addresses challenges faced by the new generation of digital factories. Available in SaaS mode, its InUse application transforms connected machines’ data into concrete recommendations for operators on the shop floor. It allows machines to request the maintenance operations necessary to guide operators to take the most appropriate action within a production context. Designed to deliver connected maintenance services in factories, InUse empowers the workforce with a collective intelligence that significantly improves manufacturers’ industrial performance. One feature, for instance, is its ability to predict in advance the failure of equipment which saves time and resources. Based in Paris, France, InUse’s clients include: Shem (Engie), Sidel, SAV Reso, Alfi Technologies, ICE Water Treatment.