Connect your industrial equipment and increase your after sales revenues

As factories become more digital, equipment manufacturers have a unique opportunity to strengthen their customer relationship and generate new revenues by connecting their machines. 

However, creating a connected service offering is a challenge that requires a combination of technologies, new skills and a sustainable business model.

That’s why we designed InUse Machine Relationship Management: an integrated white label solution that simplifies the implementation of an IIoT solution for OEMs.

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An integrated and white-label IoT solution that improves your customers’ performance

InUse MRM is an integrated IoT solution for OEMs who want to leverage their machines data and differentiate themselves with an innovative digital offering.

Powered by machined data, InUse MRM strengthens the proximity between after-sales teams and factories via a white-label web application, resulting in proactive customer service, increased machine performance and new recurring revenues.

What InUse MRM simplifies for OEMs

If Industrial IoT sometimes rhymes with complexity, InUse MRM simplifies and accelerates the implementation of a connected solution for OEMs:

Un integrated solution,
ready to use !

Integrates all the technologies needed for an IoT project: connectivity, cyber-security, cloud, algorithms, web application, …. for a faster implementation !

to everyone !

Requires no code skills to model the services and use the application, encouraging adoption by the business and limiting the use of external skills.

A faster
return on investment

A simple and transparent pricing per machine allowing a better anticipation of costs and the implementation of a sustainable business model.

They are one step ahead !

Have you ever imagined designing your ERP yourself ? Probably not and the same is true of many equipment providers who have chosen InUse MRM for their IoT solution.

With InUse MRM, you have a complete, robust and secure environment to bring your own connected solution to market in just a few months:

equipment connectivity

Fully customizable Application
thanks to the integrated Web App builder

Modeling services without
the need for coding skills

Application content
shared in the user’s language

Connected services
deployment in a few minutes

Accessible on all types of devices :
smartphone, PC, HMI,…

A new digital service offering for your customers within 3 months

Accessible in SaaS mode, InUse MRM gives you the agility to offer a wide range of services tailored to the needs and maturity of your customers.


Share diagnostics and recommendations collaboratively

With InUse MRM, after-sales service is now connected to operators, technicians and their machines. After-sales service provides factories with proactive support which translates into immediate operational gains. This is due to the sharing of key data, the production context, and the quick knowledge of actions to be carried out.




Maintain the highest performance level expected by your equipment

When connected, the equipment identifies performance levels lower than expected in real time. The after-sales service can prioritize the particular equipment involved and instruct its customers on how to get to the highest performance level. This could be for instance using the best changeover sequences and then the associated operating mode to follow. This could be on the highest performance level in the past and which operating mode to follow.


Give machines the power to predict future failures

Tracking down unplanned shutdowns is key to achieving eco-efficiency goals. By modeling risky behavior of equipment in InUse MRM, the manufacturer empowers the equipment to predict failure and to recommend the adequate intervention. This results in considerable gains for customers.

Webinar : How you can help your customers to operate better your machines? (and generate new revenue at the same time)

Discover in this webinar how the data from your machines can help to build a stronger customer relationship resulting into a higher satisfaction, a better performance of your support team and a new source of recurring revenue.

Key Figures


connected equipment


minutes of production downtime avoided with each waste jam prediction


minutes required to deploy connected services on new equipment

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