Connect your industrial equipment and increase your after sales revenues

Equipment manufacturers’ revenues can decline when the warranty period has expired. However, by connecting their industrial equipment, a unique opportunity is presented  to strengthen their customer proximity and generate new revenue. 

An important mainstay in this evolved relationship is that the equipment instructs operators and technicians, it anticipates future breakdowns, and thus maintains an optimal level of production performance on the shop floor. 

Equipment manufacturers can transform their competitive edge through the digitization and the marketing of their machine expertise through an innovative digital service offering.

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Help your customers to get the best from your equipments and generate new revenue at the same time

Discover in this webinar how the data from your machines can help to build a stronger customer relationship resulting into a higher satisfaction, a better performance of your support team and a new source of recurring revenue.


Provide new 4.0 services to your customers within an application dedicated to your industrial equipment


InUse Machine Relationship Management (MRM) is the ideal starting point for all machine manufacturers who want to differentiate themselves on the market and strengthen their customer proximity by providing innovative digital services. 

Al-Powered by data from connected industrial equipment, InUse MRM offers a complete package to the following professionals :

Technical experts

A designed web based application for factories dedicated to their equipment, delivered in record time and in complete autonomy in a dedicated studio.

After-sales and technical teams

Performance of equipment is guaranteed through better anticipating incidents and ensuring more efficient operational execution

Shop floor teams

Easy facilitation of equipment manufacturer’s support and improve the autonomy of its operational teams in carrying out maintenance and resolving minor incidents

One step ahead with InUse MRM!


Have you ever imagined designing your CAD or ERP yourself ? Probably not and the same is true of many equipment manufacturers who have chosen InUse MRM for their IoT solution.

Why? Because InUse MRM provides a complete, robust and secure environment to design and deploy an IoT solution in record time:

Self-service equipment
connectivity in minutes

Never fails :
Guaranteed 98.8% uptime

Modeling services
without the need for coding skills

Application is adapted
in the user’s language

Scale up on service deployment
at no additional cost

For use on all types of smartphones, tablets, HMI screens, and more.

A new digital service offering for your customers within 3 months


Share diagnoses and recommendations collaboratively

With InUse MRM, after-sales service is now connected to operators, technicians and their machines. After-sales service provides factories with proactive support which translates into immediate operational gains. This is due to the sharing of key data, the production context, and the quick knowledge of actions to be carried out.


Maintain the highest performance level expected by your equipment

When connected, the equipment identifies performance levels lower than expected in real time. The after-sales service can prioritize the particular equipment involved and instruct its customers on how to get to the highest performance level. This could be for instance using the best changeover sequences and then the associated operating mode to follow. This could be on the highest performance level in the past and which operating mode to follow.


Give machines the power to predict future failures

Tracking down unplanned shutdowns is key to achieving eco-efficiency goals. By modeling risky behavior of equipment in InUse MRM, the manufacturer empowers the equipment to predict failure and to recommend the adequate intervention. This results in  considerable gains for customers.

Key Figures


different equipment connected

+ 10%

of additional equipment availability


hour only to deploy connected services on new equipment

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