04 March 2019

Hellenic Dairies Group chooses InUse

Improving production sites’ performance with connected services

Paris, France – InUse announces the selection of its connected industrial maintenance application by Hellenic Dairies Group, a leading European dairy company based in Greece, owning multiple brands including its most known Olympus. In order to increase the yield of its production sites, the group intends to progressively digitize its 5 production sites via the implementation of connected services.

A start-up based in Paris, InUse provides a SaaS application that allows machines to talk to improve production performance of factories by guiding shop floor operators towards the best actions to perform. Based on the digitalization of the manufacturers industrial know-how and machine data processing, the application delivers connected services that solves production issues within factories.

As part of this collaboration InUse develops a portfolio of connected services to tackleHellenic Dairiesplant activities challenges, including:

  • A complete connected traceability system rebuilt from collected data, giving the capacity to trace all the production process and its compliance, from milk reception until finalized products
  • A precise detection of raw material losses, aiming at reducing milk losses during the production process
  • Connected cleaning-in-place cycles, in order to optimize their duration and reduce water consumption, co-developed with ICE Water Management, an Annecy-based company, specialized in water treatment systems

In addition, these connected services continuously improve the way the production workforce operates. On one hand, production managers now have real time access to precise KPIs & production dashboards. On the other hand, production operators are augmented with contextualized recommendations and work instructions. Beyond the evolution of the working methods, the application brings an overall dematerialization of many paper-based documents allowing a new step in operational excellence.

The gradual implementation of these connected services will bring an increasing value to Hellenic Dairies according to Laurent Couillard, general manager and co-founder of InUse: “Today, we give the ability to tackle industrial challenges through a portfolio of connected services designed with and for the factories. InUse contributes to the continuous improvement, reduction of losses and costs of each production site with fast ROI.”. A vision shared also by Ioannis Balodimos, Production and Logistics representative of Hellenic Dairies: Thanks to InUse, we see, understand and act faster. We are on track to increase significantly the yield of our production sites in the coming months. For instance, the optimization of our CIP processes helps to maximize the uptime of our machines and reduce also our water consumption by 20%

Currently implemented within the Brasov plant in Romania, this connected services portfolio will progressively be deployed in the other four production sites of the group during 2019, located in Greece and Bulgaria. They will cover all the milk processing, packaging and finished good storage.

About Hellenic Dairies Group

Hellenic Dairies S.A. is currently a Greek market leader, synonymous to premium, top-quality and truly authentic Greek dairy products. Owning 5 production plants in Greece and the Balkans, and commercial subsidiaries in Italy, Germany, Sweden and the UK, it also operates in 42 countries with exports representing over 40% of the Groups turnover. Its wide product portfolio includes a full range of dairy and non-dairy categories including bottled milk, white & yellow cheeses, yoghurt & spreadable, butter, natural Greek juices, vegetal & functional drinks with significant products Feta Cheeseand Greek Yoghurt.

About InUse

Founded in 2015 by Laurent Couillard and Etienne Droit, InUse offers a connected maintenance SaaS application that makes machines talk to improve production performance of factories.Designed to deliver connected maintenance services in factories, InUse allows them for example, to predict the future failures of the machines and significantly reduce the time to restart after a production breakdown.Based in Paris, InUse is part of the Alliance pour lIndustrie du Futur as well as the French Fab. InUse customers include Shem (Engie), Sidel, Hellenic Dairies, Alfi Technologies, PellencST and ICE Water Management.

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