05 November 2018

InUse recommended by appvizer

Our app InUse has been quoted in an article on predictive maintenance on appvizer (in French).

Who is appvizer?

appvizer is the first software comparator in Europe with more than 10,000 software applications online. Compare, find those suited for your company and take your business to the next level! Marketing, accounting, HR, data analysis… all topics are covered. You will never have to pick a tool alone!

appvizer’s blog publishes articles addressing companies’ B2B issues. It brings -mostly, but not only- SMBs actual answers to their problems. Articles either define a concept, bring solutions to a problem or draws a software comparison. In any case, you are advised which tool is best for you.

What is this article about?

The article seeks to give a comprehensive definition of predictive maintenance:

  • What is it?
  • What are its goals?
  • What method is best to follow?
  • Is it different from preventive maintenance? And how?

It also sheds light on the link between maintenance and big data. Industrial maintenance can now be monitored and planned through software applications using predictive data. Discover how in the article.

InUse goes beyond CMMS

The last part of the article compares three CMMS tools to help industrial companies maintain their equipment properly by anticipating breakdowns or any other kind of problems.

Our solution InUse is praised for its adaptability, and versatility in terms of kinds of maintenance. It is also easy to use as the interface simplifies data as much as possible so it is possible to read and analyze them for anyone. Opt for connected maintenance to have your machines talk!

To learn more, visit appvizer and read the article (in French) or feel free to contact us!

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