12 December 2016

"Need&Use" powered by OptimData certified by l’Alliance pour l’Industrie du Futur

SAVRéso & OptimData awarded with the “Vitrine de l’Industrie du Futur” attributed by the Minister of Industry at Smart Industries 

SAVRéso distributes automated guided vehicles for handling heavy loads. Sometimes more expensive than some of its competitors, SAVRéso trolleys are more reliable. And therefore more competitive per hour of work. Hence the idea of ​​charging trolleys for use rather than selling them …. and to transform the business model of the company into a “in use” model. But how to ensure a rigorous and precise monitoring of the use, while the trolleys are operated by customers in their warehouses?

The solution was to equip the connected sensor trolleys, which communicate with ProductInUse, the Industry platform of the future of the Parisian start-up OptimData. ProductInUse of OptimData is a social network that brings together in one community the machines, its users, internal maintenance technicians or subcontractors. The machine traces its use, alerts the users and predicts its breakdowns … Thus the end customer can safely control the use of his equipment … and SAVRéso bill him this use!

SAVRéso + OptimData: this is a concrete transformation of the business model obtained by combining the Internet of Things and the digital solution Industry of the future.

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