08 September 2017

Annapurna : the new version of ProductInUse

Annapurna capitalizes on the internet of things (“IoT”) and allows the creation of an artificial intelligence for industrial machines to increase production performance.

PARIS, France — With the ProductInUse solution, OptimData enables manufacturers to equip their machines with an artificial intelligence (“AI”) that gives them a language with multiple applications. OptimData has the ambition to increase production systems’ collective intelligence and to continuously improve their performance.

Designed and developed for industrial experts who want to capitalize on their know-how to offer innovative digital services, the application is also aimed at operators and production managers who want to benefit from a smart and powerful production asset.

Based on the latest developments in IoT and big data, the Studio part of ProductInUse now offers expert-system engineers a complete AI design environment. Heterogeneous data collected from different sources is reconciled in a data model which constitutes the foundation of the application and represents an actionable knowledge space. Based on this, the user selects a subset of data and builds levels of abstraction, leading to an intelligent system. Dedicated algorithms (mathematics, statistics, time series manipulation, sequential pattern detection) and well-designed data visualizations assist the user in this development. Thus, he can define language bricks for the machine and associate them with use-cases. These elements are then enriched with the necessary information needed by the recipient to perform actions, if suggested by the machine. The machine expresses itself in a connected community, organized and structured by ProductInUse.

With Annapurna, the community tool embedded by ProductInUse has been completely redesigned, enriched with new features and optimized for mobile use.

ProductInUse uses the tools of modern  social applications, to generate rapid adoption, while being adapted to a secure industrial framework. The AI ​​modeled in the Studio gives the machines the ability to express themselves in this community within a news feed with posts, in the same way as the production operators, the technicians or the managers. Machine recommendations, alerts, and reports are contextualized and geolocated to allow the production team to make decisions about which actions to take. As a result, ProductInUse augments the operators around the machine. This new version also brings a true IoT experience by allowing the user to enrich his observations with live production data shared by machines as well as annotated pictures. Finally, the new system of customizable notifications allows the community to be agile and act quickly. The community part of ProductInUse is a white label application: it adapts itself to the client’s visual identity and can be managed  independently. It is made available in SaaS mode on an ultra-secure architecture.

With Annapurna, OptimData intends to increase the possibilities for industrial equipment manufacturers to propose an innovative digital offer. The solution fits easily into a strategy of new digital business models, increasing the added value of machines and generating new service opportunities. In addition, it accelerates the development of existing services (e.g. after-sales) by ensuring their digital marketing.

This new version of ProductInUse capitalizes on the first results of digitization projects in which OptimData participates, enabling its customers to quickly observe substantial gains. As an example, the solution now allows an industrial player to internalize the  root causes of a problem encountered by a machine, enabling it to realize overall equipment efficiency (OEE) gains of circa 3%. Indeed, when an unplanned interruption occurs, the machine diagnoses and suggests itself the appropriate action, thus reducing the mean time to repair (MTTR).

The Annapurna version of ProductInUse is available today on the App Store and on Google Play for mobile versions and accessible via a web browser for the desktop version.

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