29 March 2018

OptimData at Global Industries

OptimData will be present at Global Industries to showcase on this occasion several news as well as our products:

– The new version of our InUse platform. It enables the development of new high-value digital services such as preventive maintenance, predictive analysis of spare parts and unparalleled reactivity during curative maintenance.

– The release of the Studio InLab application. It allows experts to manipulate static data and learn how to create machine’s intelligence without being connected. Compatible with the InUse platform, Studio InLab makes the AI ​​model actionable.

– The demonstration of several use cases made possible by the InUse application including:

  • The augmented technician or how the technology facilitates technician operations in the field through voice interactions with the machine, video conferencing assistance and publication of machine recommendations via its HMI
  • Spare parts wear predictions allowing the optimization of parts renewal in a predictive maintenance logic
  • Curative maintenance or how to accelerate the diagnosis of incidents and thus reduce the downtime of machines during maintenance operations

We hope to have the pleasure of meeting you on our stand (4P89).

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