10 October 2017

OptimData partners with HMS/eWON

OptimData and HMS are partnering to deliver a complete promise on machine’s data connection, collection and interpretation.

The complementary eWON Flexy and ProductInUse solutions are configured to allow fast implementation and updating of new data-based digital services.

Digitalisation is both a major challenge and an opportunity for the sector of industry, most which has not yet integrated the digital revolution. The challenges faced by all the players in the sector (producers of machine tools and equipment and also their customers, who produce goods and services) are multiple and require an in-depth review of various company strategies. The increase in competition resulting largely from the arrival of new players on a global scale brings with it the need to have high value-added production equipment to remain competitive. The current production speeds and the versatility of high-consumption goods are also challenges when it comes to managing machine availability (frequent reconfiguration, etc.), costs and security procedures.

Connecting machines and interpreting data to improve performance

With its ProductInUse solution, OptimData allows industrial companies to give their connected machines artificial intelligence and a language with multiple applications. The Parisian start-up aims to increase the collective intelligence of production and to improve its performance on a sustainable basis. “In order to deploy our plans on a large scale across existing production sites, we have opted to work with a known player in the market with whom we share a vision of the digital industry of the future,” explained Laurent Couillard, CEO and founder of OptimData. “This partnership will help our customers to accelerate the implementation of their digital services.”

eWON® products connect machines to the internet. With a view to breaking the barriers between the industrial application and the IT standards, the eWON routers securely connect industrial machines to the internet in order to allow remote access and the collection of a wide range of data from industrial machines. “In this new digital value chain, the ProductInUse solution is a natural step for our Remote Solutions,” added Dominique Blanc, Business Development. “Communication technologies are constantly evolving and our customers want tried and tested solutions to ensure fast increases in productivity.”

The solution has been successfully implemented for a French SME, Alfi Technologies. “Providing innovative services to our customers is a real asset when it comes to competitiveness. Getting added value from our machine data is becoming a reality,” confirmed Yann Jaubert, CEO of Alfi Technologies.

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