20 January 2017

ProductInUse, new version launch

OptimData announces the launch of its new version of ProductInUse enabling the creation of Industrial Cognitive Spaces.

Press release January 2017

“Optimize production performance

With ProductInUse, industrial companies are now able to easily create digital services to optimize the production performance of their customers. Those services answer to three major expectations: the production system uptime, the cost control and regulatory constraints. The digitization enables an affordable model of service distribution everywhere in the world. Sharing the knowledge of machines in use is essential to assemble a contextual intelligent representation of the real world. This is realized through a performance community in which both machines and human speak.

“During the last six months we have experimented with several digital services on live production systems with a clear objective of quick wins for our customers” said Laurent Couillard. To increase uptime, digital services of changeover, auto-diagnose and predictive maintenance have brought direct values to all the stakeholders. Regarding costs, services linked to energy consumption, residual value scoring or warranty are strong contributors of performance achievements. Finally, drudgery score and drug liberation provide clear measurable answers to regulatory constraints. The digital services enable industrial to rethink their complete business models.

“An Industrial Cognitive Space to create the value.

ProductInUse, version 3, builds a powerful industrial cognitive space. It is fueled with a resilient data pipeline fully monitored and controlled. All input data from different kind of sources are transformed into a single interpretable knowledge model. With ProductInUse Studio, the experiences of technicians are translated into data analysis to teach the machines. Thus the machines can act by themselves whenever a similar situation should arise. They suggest the best action into the community of performance stakeholders.

The overall interaction system is reinvented through this community of performance. The community federates the workers and the machines on a continuous improvement objective. It generates a unique social motivation across the extended organization.

ProductInUse is currently in operation in some industrial machinery leaders such as Sidel and ALFI Technologies and in mobile equipment leaders like Manitou and SAVRéso, with the latter recently having been awarded by the French Ministry of Industry as a company with an innovative business model with their pay per use offering.

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