28 November 2017

Testimonials: they have taken up the challenges of the industry of the future

Today, the value chain is being redesigned by new technologies. Digitization involves profound changes, both technical and economic or legal. OptimData capitalizes on the Internet of Things (IoT) and allows the creation of an artificial intelligence for industrial machines to increase production performance. In order to build an efficient value chain, OptimData has developed an ecosystem of partners and know-how. Our collective ambition is to help you make real and quick profits through data.

This event presents testimonials from industrialists who realize this transformation by developing digital services. The goal is to collect and capitalize their experience. The event revolves around three major axes:

1. Free your data

2. Design a digital service with an artificial intelligence

3. Innovate with new business models

A demonstration space of innovations and achievements will also allow you to complete the presented experiments.

With testimonials from:
Sidel, ALFI Technologies, eWon, SHEM (ENGIE Group), SAVRéso, OPC UA France Foundation.

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