On the road to a carbon neutral balance for InUse

Globally, the manufacturing and construction industry is the third-largest emitter of CO2 from energy combustion. It accounts for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions, after electricity generation (41%) and transport (25%). *

Today’s climate change is warning us more than ever about the need to change the way we do things.

62 tonnes of CO2 emitted in 2021, 39% less than other companies in the digital and software sector

InUse is using Greenly to complete its 2021 greenhouse gas emission assessment. The company evaluates GHG emissions according to the French Ecological Transition Agency (ADEME) methodology*, and to the standards of the Carbon Balance. 

The objective is to measure and identify the main GHG emission stations in order to define InUse’s carbon strategy in a spirit of continuous improvement of the environmental impact.

“ADEME makes its expertise available to all stakeholders to meet the challenges of the ecological transition, in order to build desirable futures in a low-carbon world.” 


Issue balance sheet result

InUse generated 62 tonnes of CO2 in 2021. That’s the equivalent of 35 round trips from Paris to New York. While other players in the sector emit 4.9 tonnes of CO2 per employee, InUse release only 1.9 tonnes per employee.

Direct and indirect emissions related to energy consumption represent 2.1% of total emissions. The main source of GHG emissions is related to indirect emissions that occur upstream and downstream of the company’s value chain, mainly represented by travel, purchases of services and digital.

In a spirit of transparency of information, the results of InUse’s GHG assessment have been published on the ADEME website.


Reducing GHG emissions for carbon neutrality

InUse is willing to move towards carbon neutrality and puts in place a strategy to reduce greenhouse gases. 

Some recommendations for reduction actions implemented to date:

  • Modal transfer from aircraft to train
  • Prefer video conferencing over some travel
  • Select low-carbon hosting partners
  • Implement a responsible procurement policy
  • Favour shared cloud instances


Beyond these various measures, InUse is committed to contributing to certified GHG reduction/sequestration projects. Employees are currently voting for the project to be supported by InUse.

In addition, InUse works with its customers on innovative solutions with an impact in the industry. This is the case of the PureCleaning app, winner of the Environmental Award at Global Industrie tradeshow. This application reduces the water consumption of the CIP of food factories by more than 25%. It is also possible to identify industrial best practices that avoid over-consumption.

InUse, new signatory for the Planet Tech'Care initiative

Planet Tech'Care is a platform that connects signatories who want to mobilize for an innovative and committed digital for the environment, with a network of digital and environmental experts' partners.

Partners share their expertise and exchanges around major innovation opportunities for the ecological transition, during monthly workshops.

*(Formal and Approved Carbon Budget Methodology: ISO 14064-1 PRG 100)