Digital ecosystem

BPI France

A bank for entrepreneurs that supports companies in sustainably expanding their business and rolling out their green transition, innovation, and international development plans.

France Digitale

The biggest tech community in France and Europe, bringing together close to 1,800 start-ups and investors. The platform aims to support Europe’s future digital champions.

La French Fab

La French Fab brings together all French industry companies, raising their visibility, promoting the industrial sector, and supporting businesses in transitioning towards a successful future.

Industrial ecosystem


A Carnot-certified technological institute and member of the Alliance Industrie du Futur, the CETIM is a hub of French expertise in mechanics, an R&D platform of 6,500 mechanics companies with over 1,100 members of staff.


The Fédération des Industries Mécaniques encompasses 20 trade unions and 3,000 member mechanics companies, and is one of France Industrie’s biggest industrial federations.


The Groupement des Équipementiers du Process et du Packaging des Industries Agroalimentaires aims to help French manufacturers of processing, packaging, and peripheral equipment machines to grow by fostering technical, economic, and commercial synergy.


Member of the Federation of Mechanical Industries (FIM) and founder of the Alliance Industrie du Futur (AIF), the Symop is the professional organization of the creators of industrial solutions, equipment manufacturers, technologies and equipment for industrial production.

Technology partners

Bosch Rexroth

Rexroth is the subsidiary responsible for the development of industrial automation solutions of the Bosch Group. InUse is part of the partner ecosystem of the new Linux-based automation platform CtrlX Automation, which is particularly well suited for the IoT world.


Liquid and effluent process checking specialist: measurement sensor and instrumentation
Capflow distributes and sets up Satron sensors used to measure organic load during cleaning in place operations.

HMS Networks

A design and development company with products that enable clients to transfer and share information from industrial equipment. HMS designs the IIoT Ewon gateways that allow machine data to be accessed securely.

AMA XpertEye

A software publisher specialising in assisted reality, dynamic workflow management, and online planning apps. Secure and remote assistance and support.

Convergence 5.0: the shortest path to industrial excellence


LeanCure is an MES (Manufacturing Execution System), a tool for automated production control, production monitoring and quality control.


A team of consultants and coaches supports industries in their organizational, managerial, digital and human transformations.


Create, share and assign your digital instructions to the right person at the right time and collect field data with full traceability.



Digital performance management solution. It reveals the reality of the field and allows you to take the necessary actions at the right time and in the right way.

Consultancy firm


A consultancy firm that aims to harness the endless potential of services for the benefit of manufacturing companies. Support and roll-out of working methods, particularly with a view to assisting industrial equipment manufacturers in transitioning towards Equipment as a Service.


A company specialising in management consultancy and training with strong ties to the food & beverageagri-feed industry in particular, with a view to generating sustainable, lasting improvements in financial, client-based, and social performance.

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