Predictive maintenance : eliminate breakdowns of core equipment

Predicting when a failure will occur is a key advantage in maximizing uptime on production lines and ensuring the lines are not shutdown for long periods of time.

Detecting weak signals prior to breakdowns and the implementation of corrective actions thereafter proves an effective lever to avoid breakdowns that have a lasting impact on production.

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Improve the availability of production lines through predictive maintenance

The DCI Hub allows for the implementation of connected and predictive maintenance on critical elements of the production line.

By modeling the behavior of the deviation within the Studio, the equipment is able to recognize the characteristic signals of its future failure and to inform the maintenance teams sufficiently in advance.

The number of unexpected shutdowns is thus reduced, and the availability of production lines increased.


Complex deviation

Notifications directly to shop floor for action


Proactive maintenance operations accomplished

Key Figures


filling valves connected


increase of overall production efficiency


reduction of spare parts purchases

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