Machines can now talk

InUse is a SaaS platform that leverages Industrial Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence to  transform connected machines’ data into concrete recommendations for operators on the shop floor.

InUse enhances machines’ intelligence by allowing them to request the maintenance operations required and guide operators to the most appropriate action according to the production context.

Easily scale up your connected services

InUse offers the agility & scalability to deliver and replicate as many connected services as you need:

  • Dedicated cognitive space tailored to the service needed
  • Optimized cost/performance ratio accurately sampling & processing only the required data
  • Reusable & replicable intelligence models in similar environments
  • Development of collaborative intelligence models in-house, by suppliers, or by partners
  • White labelled application to deliver connected services on your behalf

INUSE Features

Core functionalities

  • Cognitive space
  • Time series visualization
  • Dashboards
  • Custom algorithm
  • Mobile responsive access
  • Work instructions
  • Alerting
  • Machine localization
  • IoT-driven posts
  • Collaborative newsfeed


  • Data storage
  • Backup
  • High availability
  • Widgetable features
  • Automatic version upgrade
  • User & machine administration

Data connect & collect

  • Asynchronous data sampling
  • Unlimited data sources
  • Real time pipeline
  • Pipeline monitoring