From production issue on your connected machines to recommendation in a flash

Dynamic processing speed, second to none


Real-time alerts enhancing proactivity


Multiple data sources & communication protocols handled


Dedicated cognitive spaces for each connected services created

Get alerted with
live notifications

  • Fast data processing based on optimized operators for streaming
  • Real-time indexing
  • Live recommendations notified to the operators on the shop floor in less than 30 seconds 

Scale up your connected services : from one to hundreds of machines

  • Dedicated cognitive space tailored to the service needed
  • Reusable & replicable intelligence models in similar environments
  • Development of collaborative intelligence models in-house, by suppliers, or by partners

Align data on the
same time scale

  • Data sources from multiple machines & sources merged in a single cognitive space with a unique time reference
  • Rigorous handling of timestamps precision

Let the machines talk, InUse converses in all languages

  • Data push on many high availability & secured entry points: HTTPS, websockets, MQTT
  • Classic ETL-based data synchronisation: SQL, CSV files…