Studio Boost machines intelligence

Industrial data transforms into action

Industry oriented

Naturally integrating industrial standards


Coding skills are not required


Users remains in control of the intelligence

Studio Features

Visualize & analyze data

  • Ergonomic visualization for industrial time series & machine status
  • Smooth navigation over time periods
  • Intuitive identification of correlations between tags

Dig into the data easily

  • Powerful multi-field search engine to find when the machine matches a given situation (data search)
  • Data deep-dive through intuitive & clear dashboards (drill charts)

Teach & train machines to be intelligent

  • Creation of an accessible algorithm model that requires no coding skills
  • Large library of 60+ built-in operators dedicated to industrial time series, to enrich data :
    – Sequence detection
    – Data smoothing on moving windows
    – Mileage computing
    – Industrial KPIs : MTBF, MTTR, Cpk…

Trigger contextualized recommendations

  • Definition of the conditions that triggers the recommendations, based on the intelligence models created
  • Enriched recommendations including rich editing capacities and attached check-lists, due dates, tasks assignment, maintenance procedure files,…

You don’t need to be connected to turn industrial data into value

We can reveal the value of your historical data within a month after in-depth analysis