Get your CIP under control with Pure Cleaning

While reducing water consumption and maintaining industrial equipments uptime are key issues for production sites, traditional Cleaning In Place (CIP) systems operate according to safety margins dictated by the most difficult objects to clean.

Yet there are many cleanings whose duration could be reduced safely, if their system was able to indicate the level of cleanliness and recommend the necessary adjustments according to the type of cleaning in progress. That’s why InUse has partnered with Elodys International to bring together operational excellence and safety for CIP processes.

How to improve quality compliance and optimize CIPs at the same time ?

Discover in this webinar how CIPs can be optimized and quality compliance improved at the same time thanks to Pure Cleaning


Save time, water and control
the quality of your cIP continuously



Shorten CIP duration
and improve machines uptime


Decrease significantly
water & energy consumption


Control CIP
quality continuously


Pure Cleaning is a solution dedicated Cleaning in Place (CIP) optimization
based on a unique combination of sensors & software
to achieve optimal CIP performance while preserving the quality of cleanings.


Measure (at last) the

cleanliness of your CIPs

Opticlean sensors by Elodys International

  • Innovative optical sensors  measuring solid and soluble residues contained in washing solutions


  • Expertise in setting up sensors on CIP lines


  • Continuous support from Elodys International CIP experts for the correct adjustment of cleaning phases

Improve continuously
the performance of your CIPs

Pure Cleaning application by InUse

  • Real-time measurement of CIP cleanliness


  • Recommendations for adjusting securely rinsing and washing times according to the equipment cleaned


  • Alerts in case of process deviations or anomalies detected on the equipment


  • Monitoring of CIP performance and evaluation of gains and savings made (time, water consumption, …)

The combination of two areas of expertise

 Pure Cleaning is the result of a joint development between InUse, software editor of a SaaS solution dedicated to Industrial IoT and Elodys International creator of advanced technologies applicable to industrial cleaning processes with a solid experience in the food & beverages industry.

Key Figures


CIP performed daily

10 to 20%

of water savings in average per CIP


connected production sites

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