Create recurring value with new connected services

Connected Services

Here’s how we can create value for your business with connected services. Our experts can lead you quickly through the transformation so that you can rapidly attain business and industrial objectives.

Connected service design

Aligned with your objectives, we can define your future connected services based on your machine’s data. Our expertise covers the entire project value chain :

  • Definition of the project objectives
  • Inventory of useful dataset
    Trade-off to find the appropriate volume/performance/cost of data collection ratio
  • Intelligence modelling, teaching & training
  • Triggering the best action
  • Deployment of the service

Data science analysis

InUse can integrate and operate algorithms based on the machine’s own learning algorithms. Because the modelization requires additional skills, we propose to deliver specialized services.

  • Definition of the project objective
  • Modelization (Scikit learn models compatibility)
  • Set-up within InUse

Business model transformation

As the value delivered by manufacturers goes increasingly beyond the actual product today, selling the product’s performance through connected services will be a key differentiator in the future

We guide your company through this business model transformation and can measure the impact on your balance sheet :

  • Early integration of all stakeholders
  • New business models formalization
  • New business practices collaboration