Optimize maintenance of hydroelectric plants and improve efficiency

Now that the hydroelectricity sector has become a competitive market, the producers have even more incentive to guarantee a certain annual production capacity. It is, therefore, essential to maximize the availability of production equipment to maintain the profitability of production.

Ensuring that hydroelectric power plants are kept in operational condition with optimized maintenance is a key issue to avoid breakdowns, to increase production efficiency with more green energy produced as a result.

SMAP: the connected maintenance application dedicated to hydroelectric power plants

SMAP (Shem MAintenance Planner) is the  ideal connected solution that maximizes the availability of hydropower plants and is the outcome of the collaboration between SHEM (Engie Group), revered experts in the operation and  maintenance of hydroelectric power plants and InUse.

It offers all  teams involved the ideal tool designed specifically for hydropower plants in order to improve performance:

  • For maintenance teams : recommendations for interventions based on the actual use of connected production equipment

  • For operators : A complete overview of the performance of each site in operation

Control the production of your hydroelectric plants

The SMAP application provides hydropower operators with a global view of the performance of all production sites, allowing  to monitor and compare for each site the following factors:

  • Volume of electricity produced
  • Availability of plants
  • Power ratios
  • Production stoppages
  • Interventions carried out

Avoid breakdowns by observing the recommendations from connected equipment

The SMAP application optimizes the execution of periodic preventive maintenance operations by indexing to actual cycles. Moreover, SMAP helps maximize site availability by identifying weak signals prior to breakdowns and recommending solutions such as restraining production in the event of multiplier malfunction.

Key Figures


connected hydroelectric plants in less than 6 months


of additional production availability


maintenance actions integrated into SMAP

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