ALPMA pivots on data to deploy a new digital service portfolio

ALPMA group, is a leading global full-line supplier to the cheese and food industries and pivots on data to deploy new services for its customers.  ALPMA choose InUse solutions to become the backbone of the platform ALPMA Connect, the unified digital services, and after-sales solution. This is a strategic choice for the group, as part of its transformation plan.

The solution integrates all services dedicated to technicians and operators. It delivers strong insights to optimize cheese production lines.

The objective for ALPMA is twofold:

  • increase service revenues
  • enhance customers’ satisfaction


ALPMA expertise distributed in real-time



digital services deployed



business solution using the solution

ALPMA Connect transforms the relationship between cheese producers and experts.

From simple intervention requests to advanced optimization and prediction, the solution is designed to support producers more efficiently with their complex task of sustainable cheese production. The ALPMA expertise is digitized and distributed in real time, 24/7, thus participating to augment the collective intelligence of the cheese production community.

After-sales is a major competitive differentiator and a key factor for the customer's high satisfaction. Organized with clear and efficient processes, it required transparency and a straightforward approach toward the final customer.

Leveraging machines’ data is changing the game

Many services are now reversed from machine to human, shortening resolutions of problems. By integrating artificial intelligence, it also quantifies the expert’s intuitions suggesting the best action to perform to reach the objective of an eco-efficient production.

ALPMA Connect integrates following functions (more are coming) to improve their customers experience with their products:

  • Digital collaboration to historize all events on the production line
  • Digital work instructions to ease and speed-up the problem solving
  • Spare parts catalog focused on the right assets
  • Digital performance management
  • Embedded vidio conferencing
  • Production optimisers


Today, the solution is deployed on all four business divisions: Process, Cheese, Cutting and Packaging Technology. It is developed in collaboration between after-sales, product development, marketing and sales, demonstrating the importance of the solution within the overall transformation of the group.

“ALPMA Connect adds value to our cheese lines, increases cheese community know-how and develops a service centric approach. Pivoting on data is key and InUse proposes a scalable, adaptable internet of thing platform to reach our objectives."

Gisbert Strohn, CEO of ALPMA

About ALPMA :

ALPMA achieves annual sales of approximately € 170 million in the group with its 900 employees. In addition to its sites in Rott am Inn and Dresden, ALPMA has production facilities in France, Switzerland, Finland and Italy and a worldwide sales and service network.