Pellenc ST chose the MRM IIoT platform to boost its range of services and foster circular economy

Pellenc ST: in full digital transition

Pellenc ST had had a digital transition strategy in place for a number of years already, and the smart recycling specialist was looking to enrich and digitalise its services offering to improve quality and performance in its clients’ sorting centres.

This process provided a solution to two of Pellenc ST’s goals, serving to consolidate its commitment to upholding the circular economy, and helping it stand out from the competition.

As a result, Pellenc ST reached out to InUse and its MRM (Machine Relationship Management) solution to fulfil this dual objective.

New digital services as a driver for differentiation


+ 200
connected equipment


30 minutes
of production stoppage prevented with each waste jam predicted


15 minutes
needed to deploy new services across a new piece of equipment

Opting for InUse MRM: going beyond basic monitoring

Equipped with a smart, collaborative, white-label IIoT 4.0 platform, the Pellenc ST teams are able to offer new services tailored to their equipment.

Machine performance and maintenance data is collected, synthesised and analysed, allowing them to offer targeted interventions and diagnostics as part of an overarching performance policy:


  • Access to key performance indicators: equipment availability rates, defect analysis, quantities and types of waste sorted, and more.
  • Automated reporting
  • Machine notifications and alerts, for example in cases of overloading
  • Predictions for production stoppages triggered by waste jams, for instance, and resulting in 30-minute sorting stoppages several times a week


Pellenc ST’s expertise backed by the InUse MRM solution lent the company’s services a digital dimension. To date, the app is included in several service contracts to further improve the support package that Pellenc ST offers its clients.


“ We now have real-time visibility of over 200 connected machines, which allows us to take a proactive approach to coaching our clients in how they use their equipment, and building a bond with them on a daily basis. It’s a high-impact differentiating factor that lets us stand out in how we sell, and in our sales, which are increasingly recurring. ”

Jean Henin, CEO

About Pellenc ST :

  • A French company and world leader in high-speed optical waste sorting, and a high-profile proponent of the circular economy
  • 1,800 machines installed in 40 countries
  • 4. 24/7 hotline