Access to the traceability of production operations at any moment

Though customer audits and product recall campaigns require immediate responsiveness, generating production operations traceability reports is a lengthy process based on the aggregation of data from multiple sources. 

Many factors are essential for continuous access to the traceability reports of production operations. A digital continuity is necessary at the plant through the accumulation of  the machines’ data in a robust and reliable way as well as the bacteriological analysis that is carried out as well as the tests on the production software.

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Don’t waste time creating traceability reports
on production operations

Save precious time by automating traceability reports output and always have key information on your batches:

  • production events
  • material flow
  • results of bacteriological analyzes
  • raw materials
  • clean-in-place completed 

By creating digital continuity at the plant, the connected traceability service enables quality departments to :

Quickly provide traceability reports when needed during recalls or audits

Reduce the time spent generating these reports by more than 90%

Save on paper by automating the process

Access production traceability reports in just one click

Get your client the complete and detailed file of production batches over any timeline at a click. All you need to do is a simple request and the full traceability report for the batch is available immediately to consult online and export into pdf directly and ready to share.

Check the compliance of production at a glance

Get total visibility on quality issues detected in production batches. And ensure perfect data integrity throughout the traceability process.

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connected information systems (ERP, MES, Supervision)


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