AI powered solution for proactive after-sales services

Dedicated to equipment manufacturers, InUse is the 1st industrial AIoT solution that gives manufacturing companies the ability to swiftly roll out new digital services that meet production sites’ eco-efficiency needs.

Combining the best of AIs

A low-code, integrated AIoT solution that transforms your production data into actions 

Technological complexity and a lack of the right skills are some of the main barriers that manufacturing companies face when attempting to roll out IoT solutions. InUse provides tangible solutions to these issues with its AIoT solution:


Spans the entire value chain for IoT projects, ensuring a much speedier launch


The low-code approach to modeling, setting up, and deploying the solution drastically reduces the need for new skills.


Generating data tailored to shop floor needs and geared towards creating tangible actions


Quick and easy to replicate services developed on other machinery/equipment and production sites

Complete coverage of the entire IoT value chain

We provide you with fast, straightforward access to an industrial AIoT solution, giving you the freedom to focus on what you do best on the factory floor.

A 360-degree solution for creating a digital twin of your equipment and rolling out future services

Often used for design and simulation applications, digital twins play a key role for active equipment. Fuelled by data specific to your equipment, the InUse industrial AIoT solution offers a comprehensive environment in which to create digital twins of your equipment and roll out any connected services designed to improve its eco-efficiency.


A dedicated web app for creating digital services and configuring the platform.


Target users : Industry experts, engineers, control/automation engineers, and more.


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Web App

A web app for deploying digital services on the ground.


Target users : Shop floor professionals (operators, technicians, managers) and external staff (after-sales, maintenance technicians, and others).


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Designed as an open tool to communicate with your applications

Collate your data - wherever it’s from

Production data can often be scattered across multiple levels of a company.

Thanks to the InUse industrial IIoT platform, bring all your data together to create digital continuity in a single environment:

  • Data sourced from machines backed by automation and/or sensors (edge computing)
  • Process-based or transactional data from third-party software (such as ERP, MES, GMAO) via dedicated connectors
  • External data accessible via an API

Enrich your workflows using API-sourced data

Designed to foster communication within your environment, our API library allows you to recover data sourced from the platform and transfer it to your applications:

  • Processed data
  • Data input manually by users
  • Extra rich content (photos, videos, text)

Enjoy secure access to your third-party apps directly from the Web App

App after app can get confusing, which is why the InUse platform brings them all together in a single, unique screen. By combining iFrame with a simplified authentication system that draws on a Single Sign-On password, all users are given centralized access to their various apps via the Web App:

  • A catalogue of spare parts
  • A 3D Viewer
  • A help video module
  • and more