Gain more availability and reduce your water consumption

A Cleaning-In-Place station operating according to TACT* principles cannot adapt its cleaning cycles according to the actual cleanliness of the equipment (pipes, pasteurisers, etc.).

In response to this need, InUse has developped IU SUSTAIN for CIP (Pure Cleaning). 

* (Temperature – Action – Chemistry – Time)

IU SUSTAIN for CIP (Pure Cleaning) is a responsible solution combining algorithms and optical sensors to optimize the duration of Cleaning-In-Place processes without compromising their compliance. This solution is ideal for manufacturing companies seeking to improve the availability of their production lines and significantly reduce their water consumption.

Increase availability and save water while ensuring the compliance of your CIP processes


Based on a combination of Satron optical sensors and a web application, IU SUSTAIN for CIP optimises cleaning stage times for equipment without compromising their compliance with the following benefits:

Greater availability of cleaning lines

Significant reductions in water consumption

Continuous quality control of CIP compliance

The unique combination of two expertises

Optimise all cleaning phases and receive alerts in the event of non-compliance


IU SUSTAIN for CIP (Pure Cleaning) Application by InUse

  • Compliance: continuous monitoring of CIP and detection of anomalies
  • Optimisation: automated recommendations of optimal times for each cleaning phase
  • Performance: monitoring of consumption and assessment of savings (time, water consumption, electricity, etc.)


Determine optimal washing times for your equipment


Satron Sensors by Capflow

  • Measurement of organic deposits in suspension using optical sensors (turbidity meters, refractometers, etc.).
  • Sensors using the backscatter technique with LED technology.
  • Installation of a single sensor

An application dedicated to optimising your CIP

View your cleaning processes at a glance


  • Fast connection to washing stations: installation of optical sensors connected to a connectivity box featuring an IIoT gateway.
  • Access to all cleaning cycle profiles: possibility of filtering by station, line, circuit, type of equipment washed, and washing programmes
  • Log of all key CIP data: conductivity, temperature, flow, cleaning cycle step, unit statuses, sensor data, etc.

Ensure compliance and the traceability of your CIP in all circumstances


  • Automatic detection of compliance deviations during cleaning processes via alerts for faster washing cycle restart times
  • Monitoring the level of cleaning compliance over time, through dedicated dashboards
  • More comprehensive traceability reports including compliance statuses for each cleaning process preceding production of a new batch

Reduce CIP times safely


  • Definition of standard profiles per cleaning programme to identify phases with strong potential for optimisation
  • Automated recommendations on the optimal time for each phase of the cleaning programmes
  • Module for declaring new washing parameters per recipe: phase times, thresholds and duration of indicators by phase, etc.

Easily observe the time saved and water consumption reductions


  • Measure the consumption of various resources over time: washing water, rinse water, detergent, caustic acid, etc.
  • Monitoring of cleaning line occupancy rates for a more precise assessment of equipment needs: new station, line, circuit, etc.
  • Estimation of potential savings beforehand and measurement of actual savings in terms of time and water after implementation of new cleaning recipes

Water consumption reduced by 20%
the Hellenic Dairies model

Discover how dairy group Hellenic Dairies reduced their water consumption from cleaning in place processes by 20% in just a few months.

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