About InUse

Our vision: moving towards a more human-centred and eco-efficient industry

Founded in 2015, InUse’s SaaS industrial IoT software is designed for industry and aims to help production sites lower their environmental footprint while optimising their performance.

Currently active in over 150 sites around the world, the platform makes it easy for clients to use and process production data with a view to informing, notifying and guiding operators, technicians and managers towards the best action to take on a day-to-day basis.

By pairing the benefits of industrial IoT solutions with artificial intelligence, the IIoT platform offers tangible solutions to industrial sites’ performance, maintenance and process optimisation needs.

To date, InUse is home to more than twenty skilled professionals working tirelessly day after day to serve manufacturers such as Alfi Technologies, the ALPMA group, the Hellenic Dairies group, Pellenc ST, and many more.

The key role played by industrial manufacturers in helping production sites’ digital transformation

Production sites are increasingly turning to digital and IIoT platform solutions in a bid to improve performance and reduce environmental impact: a golden opportunity for industrial manufacturers to provide their clients with tangible solutions while speeding up their transitioning towards Equipment As A Service.

With this in mind, the InUse platform allows equipment manufacturers to connect their machines and offer a range of digital services in a matter of months.

As well as supporting industrial sites in improving their eco-efficiency, this transition also gives equipment manufacturers the opportunity to:

  • deepen customer relationships
  • stand out from the competition
  • increase service-related revenue


Discover InUse MRM

Our core values

“Impact now for a sustainable tomorrow”

Day after day, our team works to develop cutting-edge connected solutions with a positive, sustainable impact on factories. The work we do is fuelled by our unshakeable belief in the idea that sustainability is the best way to achieve positive social impact.

“Only solutions matter”

We have unwavering faith in our teams and actively encourage each member of staff to express themselves, offer up new ideas, and throw out the rulebook. We’re convinced that curiosity and pushing boundaries help shape the collective intelligence needed to supply clients with the very best industrial IoT platforms and solutions.

“Integrity in all actions”

We never compromise on our integrity. Data is a fundamental part of what we do, and it never lies. That’s why we’ve incorporated this concept into all aspects of our organisation, processes, and the relationships we build. This requires us to be completely honest and transparent with ourselves and with others.

“Benefits for one and all”

We make advanced technology that puts connected factories within everyone’s reach. We’re committed to making our technology and the advantages of IoT platform solutions accessible to all factory-based professionals. We offer a 360-degree user experience with the emphasis on collective intelligence and collaboration to resolve complex issues as simply as possible, all on the shop floor.

Meet the team!

Etienne DROIT
Chairman & Co-founder

Managing Director & Co-founder

Béatrice FOURNIE
Marketing & Communication Manager

CTO - CSM Manager

Our journey so far

2015 :

  • OptimData set up by Etienne Droit & Laurent Couillard
  • Development work on the platform begins, with our first client order placed


2016 :

  • Engie Innovation competition won in the following category: “ Smart digitalisation of low and medium power power plants”


2017 :

  • InUse technology awarded as part of the “Vitrine Industrie du Futur” label by the Alliance Industrie du Futur


2018 :

  • First international sale secured
  • The company changes name, becoming InUse
  • InUse awarded the Cap Gemini prize at the Viva Technology trade fair


2019 :

  • Laurent Couillard appointed to the FIM [French federation of mechanical industries] board of directors as a digital expert
  • First round of funding, with an external investor: Axeleo Capital
  • The InUse MRM solution brought to market


2020 :

  • InUse awarded the Global Industrie Award 2020 for its Pure Cleaning solution
  • Multi-year contracts signed with three new international clients
  • The company moves to its new premises in Boulogne Billancourt, France


2021 :

  • New round of funding (Series A): €2.4m
  • First Asian and North American clients secured
  • Network of distributors set up


2022 :

  • New active partners (AvenAo, Oxelar)
  • International growth
  • 1st diversification in the smart building sector