Digital twin technology : game-changing potential for factories


The increasing use of industrial IoT solutions gives manufacturers the ability to create digital representations of how their production processes work, while measuring and tracking their continuous improvement processes in a digital twin model. In addition, Artificial intelligence is making equipment capable of steering production teams towards taking better decisions. This two-pronged approach simultaneously speeds up knowledge-sharing processes in a production setting and roll-out of continuous improvement cycles, such as PDCA and DMAIC.

Draw on Industrial IoT and digital twins to digitalise your factory’s processes


A one-stop-shop platform to make running your factories that little bit easier

The digital twin model works across all connected services to help slash the amount of time, materials, and natural resources wasted in a factory via a single, unique IIoT platform accessible in SaaS mode from any web browser.

A consolidated overview of your production data

Create digital continuity for your production data: machine data (PLC, sensors..), process data (ERP, MES, SCADA, and more), and manually-input data.

Smart and connected machines dedicated to your teams

Concrete, actionable recommendations issued by your machines at exactly the right time, paired with clear diagnostics and step-by-step procedures.

Accelerated multi-site deployment

Connected services that are easy to replicate across other production sites for accelerated deployment of theplatform across multiple sites.

A portfolio of connected services to bolster factory eco-efficiency

Designed to tackle performance, maintenance and process optimisation in production sites, digital twins let you roll out a range of connected services across one or more production sites to improve performance while reducing your environmental impact.


Enjoy access to an unparalleled overview of your operations and identify optimal performance conditions by analysing machine data in real time:

  • Across all levels of your organisation: site, production line, equipment, subset.
  • Across different formats adapted to each level and user type: synoptic view, reports, dashboards, time series, and more.

Better yet, InUse’s digital twin gives production sites the ability to resolve complex performance issues such as:

  • Reducing changeovers’ duration
  • Optimising production sequencing schedules
  • Identifying factors that impact on performance


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Understanding and preventing production shutdowns is key to production sites hitting their eco-efficiency targets in terms of heightened production line availability, waste, and reduced resource consumption.

Because of this, InUse’s digital twin offers a range of different industrial automation and IoT options to drastically improve maintenance operations in line with your goals:

  • Detecting equipment deviations and predicting shutdowns (predictive maintenance)
  • Maintaining optimised operational condition according to your equipment’s actual wear (condition-based maintenance)
  • Resolving production stoppages following breakdowns more quickly via automated identification of root causes, and remote access to the expertise you need
  • Deepened understanding of the incidents that arise: Pareto chart of errors, in-depth analysis of incidents
  • Paperless system: maintenance procedures, schedules, maintenance reports, etc.


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Optimising processes

Thanks to our many collaborations with process industry experts, InUse’s digital twin offers a selection of digital services dedicated to achieving continuous improvement across various key factory processes, such as:

  • Optimising cleaning in place operations in the food and beverage industry
  • Automating traceability processes
  • Cutting back on raw material losses during production processes


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Boost industrial performance by 10%
the Hellenic Dairies model

Find out how dairy group Hellenic Dairies tapped into the advantages of IoT based industrial automation by rolling out connected services across its factories, generating significant gains in terms of performance and reduced water use.


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