InUse announces a new strategic partnership with Bosch Rexroth

InUse is now part of the ctrlX Automation partner ecosystem: a platform developed by Rexroth to offer a real bridge between the worlds of automation, industrial IT, and the Internet of Things.

ctrlX Automation: the most open automation platform on the market


ctrlX Automation platform , launched in 2019, crosses the traditional boundaries between machine controls, the IT world, and the Internet of Things. With a real-time Linux operating system, consistently open standards, application programming technology, web-based engineering, and full IoT connectivity, ctrlX AUTOMATION reduces components and engineering costs by 30-50%.

With a broad portfolio of technology solutions and a partner ecosystem (ctrlX World) of which InUse is now part, ctrlX Automation offers a modular, scalable system to cover the requirements of almost any application as needed:

  • Increased system efficiency through faster data exchange with the IoT.
  • Full integration of automation components
  • Reduced costs due to less engineering work for data connectivity.

The complementary expertise of Rexroth and InUse offers new perspectives for manufacturers looking for integrated solutions covering the entire IoT value chain. Beyond the simple visualization of industrial data, InUse offers an integrated and secure environment for designing and deploying connected services that improve the efficiency of production machines while reducing their environmental impact.

CtrlX AUTOMATION in a Nutshell