How Pellenc ST makes waste sorting smarter and more connected thanks to InUse MRM solution

By deploying the connected application designed by InUse, the French equipment manufacturer specialising in waste sorting and recycling improves the sorting quality of sorting centres and confirms its commitment to circular economy.


Boulogne-Billancourt, 1st March 2021 – Pellenc ST, a French company specialising in intelligent equipment for the waste sorting and recycling industry, has chosen the solution from InUse, a SaaS solutions provider dedicated to improving the performance and reducing the environmental impact of industrial sites. Objective: to improve the performance of waste sorting centres thanks to connected equipment.

At the same time, this partnership is part of Pellenc ST’s transformation strategy, which notably aims to enrich its offer with new digital services in a context where waste regeneration is a major concern for industries.

The genesis: removing friction points on site

Based on the analysis of data from equipment and Pellenc ST’s expertise, the InUse application provides sorting centres first of all essential indicators for site managers in order to have an overall view of the performance of the connected equipment : availability rate, quantity and type of waste sorted, etc. Furthermore, the application allows for a detailed analysis of the data, which is essential for understanding the cause of incidents and also generates contextualised recommendations to help operational teams resolve them more effectively and in some cases even prevent them in advance.

For example, incidents such as machine jams can have a significant impact on performance by frequently stopping lines for 30 minutes. This is a major source of efficiency loss and cost increase. Pellenc ST, whose mission is to help sorting centres to process a larger volume of waste, has turned to the InUse solution and integrated it into its equipment in order to anticipate this type of incident.

Connected services for better customer support

In addition to the concrete benefits that the sorting centres benefit from in the field, the InUse application contributes directly to the digitalisation of the group’s operations and particularly its customer relations.

Since the end of 2018, the InUse MRM application has enabled Pellenc ST to :

  • Anticipate waste jams that stop production for an average of 30 minutes
  • Increasing the availability of equipment in sorting centres
  • Significantly improve the maintenance score in the months following the implementation of the application for Pellenc ST’s customers

“We now have real-time visibility on more than 100 connected machines thanks to InUse. This allows us to proactively coach our customers on their usage and to gain proximity on a daily basis. This is a real differentiator that impacts not only our way of selling but also our revenues, which are becoming more and more recurrent” explains Jean Henin, CEO of Pellenc ST.

“Thanks to the MRM solution, we have been able to strengthen Pellenc ST’s digital services offering and above all to meet the performance needs of their customers’ equipment by sorting more and better. Today, players in the recycling industry are at the forefront of environmental issues and in this context, it is essential that they equip themselves with the best technologies so that they can remain competitive and efficient while reducing their impact on the planet.” says Laurent Couillard, CEO and founder of InUse.