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Mpac, a global packaging automation company with an entity in the Netherlands (Mpac Wijchen) has introduced Mpac Cube, a wide range of services that will propel their customers towards their production goals.

After an initial IoT experience, Mpac selected InUse during the summer of 2023 to create Mpac Cube Connect, an online customer portal that offers insights like machine / line monitoring, OEE, production reports, KPI, and default analysis. Within 4 months, Mpac Cube went connected live.

Both organisations are working closely to create innovative/state of the art solutions to drive productivity for their customers. The key success factors are not only the high agility and scalability of the Studio to design and publish digital services, but also the strong human relationships between the teams.

Currently, the project is in progress, and we collaborate closely with the marketing, sales and after-sales department to enhance the service offering and transform Cube Connect into a revenue stream.