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Empowering MTB's growth: success story of MyMTB Application and future endeavors

MTB is a French company producing metal sorting and grinding machines.
To keep up with the competition, support its strong growth with various types of customers, and cope with an ever-changing market, MTB began working with InUse in 2022.

MyMTB application had to meet three main criteria:

  • make it easier to understand and monitor equipment performance,
  • keep the history of events,
  • make it easier for after-sales service to follow up on machines.

Success factors include the scalability of the system and its ability to be deployed on numerous clients, as well as the high degree of personalization of the pages, making it a portal at MTB’s.

Always with the aim of increasing service activities and the tightened the customer relationship, further developments of the application are planned.

MTB is fully autonomous in deploying the application, and is planning a major communication campaign for 2024 to significantly increase the visibility of MyMTB and the associated after-sales revenue.