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Applicative AI
Bakery industry

Digital solution to manage and optimize your bakeries

Polin Group, Italian OEM in the bakery industry, decided to implement its IoT platform to satisfy the growing demand for smart machines and to enrich its offer’s competitiveness.

After having worked on a home-made solution, in 2023 the company decided to launch a partnership with InUse for several reasons: rely on an IIoT specialized partner, simplify the application management, accelerate the deployment, and optimize the human and financial investment...

Polin IoT solution, whose name is BAKE App 4.0, provides a varied range of services, such as KPIs and defaults monitoring, eco-efficiency supervision, digitized knowledge base, production tracking and recipes’ flux remote management.

Polin has complete autonomy on the application usage, and thanks to its deployment aims at both boosting its After-Sales revenues and increasing its efficiency and quality.