Ensure an optimal and consistent level of production batch performance

Although factories operate according to strictly defined production processes, the production performance of batches of the same type can vary over time due to multiple factors. Defining a performance benchmark at the plant level is an essential condition that enables production managers to concretely quantify gut feelings, identify the influencing factors that have impact and discover new links between different variables.

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Analyse batch performance and unlock continuous improvement factors

Batch Performance is the connected service that optimizes the performance of production batches and ensures batch consistency over time.

By establishing a performance score specific to each batch, Batch performance allows systematic comparison with the factory benchmarks thus measuring deviations and identifying influencing factors. 

The plant’s digital continuous improvement plan is on track with precise and effective action due to the analysis. This is clearly observed over time.

Pinpointing those underperforming lots on the shop floor

The performance of batches can be diverse and depends on a variety of factors like the number of units produced, the technique used, the format of the packaging, and more. The systematic scoring of each batch produced over time makes it easy to identify why certain batches have a lower score than the factory average.

Key Figures


batches analyzed per year


different clusters of identified lots


improvement in OEE observed

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