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Discover InUse MRM, the first industrial IoT solution for equipment manufacturers. Powered by data from your connected equipment, InUse MRM allows you to rapidly design and roll out new connected services that will improve the industrial and environmental performance of your production sites, while also strengthening client relationships.


Make the most of all the connected services using a single industrial IoT platform.
Linked to the digital twin of your factory, our solution cuts down on wasted time, materials and other natural resources used by the factory.


Improve to Sustain !

InUse is working to create a more human-centred and eco-efficient industry. The mission of our IoT software designed for industry is to help production sites lower their environmental footprint while optimising their performance.

Currently active in over 150 sites around the world, the platform makes it easy for clients to use and process production data with a view to informing, notifying and guiding operators, technicians and managers towards the best action to take on a day-to-day basis.

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