15 October 2019

Food traceability software: digitalized reports in one click

Food traceability is key to ensuring the safety of the food we consume. Industry stakeholders understand their responsibility towards implementing appropriate controls in order to respond to requests...

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28 June 2019

OPC UA: for an interoperability between machines

Making the machines talk? Easy. So, which language? This is likely one of the main challenges faced by the digital industry. Indeed, it isn't easy to operate equipment that sometimes have several deca...

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13 June 2019

Cleaning in place: data at the heart of the CIP optimization

Cleaning-In-Place* represents a significant cost for industries which require high levels of hygiene like dairy, beverage, brewing through water, energy, and chemical products’ use as well as the...

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02 June 2019

Machine Teaching: “AI as a means to boost collective intelligence”

Machine Learning, AI, Lean 4.0 and other concepts promise to enhance industrial performance thanks to big data. But what about human know-how? What about the instinct of the experienced field technici...

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