03 May 2021

Welcome to InUse new layout !

One of InUse’s key feature is the capability to build you own web application on which you’ll be able to deliver digital services like predictive maintenance or production optimization. As the app...

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Guillaume Thomas
29 April 2021

Reshaping posts in InUse business application

The Post is a central object in the InUse business app. It is the way for machines to communicate directly with the users, and for users to interact. It can even be used to input data manually. Over t...

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Renaud Parent
Full Stack Developer
26 April 2021

SSO : Access your key applications from InUse

As we access more and more software and applications that require the use of credentials, the multiplication of identification procedures and interfaces has become a real source of inefficiency for us...

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Clément Hallet
Full Stack Developer
22 April 2021

Corrective maintenance: how to accelerate the resolution of breakdowns?

Corrective maintenance : a necessary modernization   To remain efficient, manufacturers need a corrective maintenance system that has a minimal impact on production. However, one of the key i...

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François de Bellefon
Customer Success Manager
11 March 2021

Food traceability software: digitalized reports in one click

For sanitary and compliance reasons, traceability systems are particularly sensitive in certain industries: pharmaceutical, dairy or other food industries. European regulations require that each batch...

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Julien Mawuena
Customer Success
05 February 2021

How to optimize Cleaning In Place duration ?

Cleaning in place: a key process that is often under-optimised   In process industry, Cleaning In Place is often carried out automatically by cleaning stations directly integrated into the pr...

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Fabrice Cadiou
Head of Customer Success
14 January 2021

How to digitize preventive maintenance operations?

What are the benefits of a connected preventive maintenance?   In the majority of cases, preventive maintenance operations are based on the equipment manufacturer's recommendations. They're p...

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Arthur Cohen
Head of Marketing & Communication, InUse
24 December 2020

Monitor simply and transparently your data storage

Cloud costs can be complex to forecast and monitor The world before : one cloud, but many parameters   If you’ve started implementing an IoT data project, you may have faced the difficul...

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Othman Moumni Abdou
Senior Data Engineer, InUse
21 December 2020

How to identify the factors that influence industrial performance ?

Identifying factors impacting industrial performance: the case of batch production   For manufacturing process companies and factories operating their production by batch, optimising producti...

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Guillaume Thomas
InUse, CTO
11 December 2020

Extending filling valves lifespan through predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance: an essential lever for increasing production lines uptime   The use of the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence technologies is becoming increasingly c...

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Guillaume Thomas
InUse, CTO
30 November 2020

Six steps to make your IoT data journey easier

A brand new navigation Successfully implementing an IoT project is complex. Whether you want to build a predictive maintenance service for your customers or a smart performance application for your p...

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Guillaume Thomas
InUse, CTO
28 November 2020

Create your custom business app without writing a line of code!

When setting up an industrial IoT project, the aim is often the creation of one or more business applications to present enriched data, share information and exchange around the connected services dev...

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Renaud Parent
Full Stack Developer
26 November 2020

Explore deeper your data using hosted python notebooks

How to easily explore data? If you’re looking for a tool to load, manipulate and explore your data, there’s a good chance you already encountered Notebook whether you’re a data scientist, data...

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Guillaume Thomas
InUse, CTO
18 December 2019

Connected customer service in the factory 4.0 era: feedbacks from Pellenc ST

It is very likely that your recyclable household waste passes through one of Pellenc ST’s first-rate machines. This French company, has been deploying services for two decades and has been using the...

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Laetitia Paveau
Customer Performance Digitalization Manager
28 June 2019

OPC UA: for an interoperability between machines

Making the machines talk? Easy. So, which language? This is likely one of the main challenges faced by the digital industry. Indeed, it isn't easy to operate equipment that sometimes have several deca...

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Michel Condemine
OPC UA France Association President
13 June 2019

Cleaning in place: data at the heart of the CIP optimization

Cleaning-In-Place* represents a significant cost for industries which require high levels of hygiene like dairy, beverage, brewing through water, energy, and chemical products’ use as well as the...

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Evangelos Trogadis
Quality Director, ICE Water Management
02 June 2019

Machine Teaching: “AI as a means to boost collective intelligence”

Machine Learning, AI, Lean 4.0 and other concepts promise to enhance industrial performance thanks to big data. But what about human know-how? What about the instinct of the experienced field technici...

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Laurent Couillard
Co-founder & managing director, InUse
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